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Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a

by Jerry Boucher

Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1a


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Messerschmitt Me-262 (W.Nr.111690) flown by Oblt. Fritz Stehle, Staffelkapitän of 2./JG 7, (which was attached to Gefechtsverband Hogeback). On 8th May 1945, Stehle flew this aircraft from Zatec (Czechoslovakia) and surrendered to British forces at Fassberg.

While en route to Fassberg, Stehle is reported to have claimed the last air victory of the war with this aircraft, shooting down a Soviet P-39 flown by Lt. S.G. Stepanov, 129 GIAP (22 GIAD) at about 4pm.

Stehle claimed it as a Yak 9, (although some sources quote that it was Alexej Ivanjuk of 152 GIAP, flying a Yak).

This is a rewrok of my original 2006 depiction of the same event.

This image was created for 'Aéro-Journal'. The 262 is the cover art for Part 1 of a series called 'Les Jets de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale'.

You may purchase examples of Jerry's artwork on his Virtual Aircraft Website

Image and Text Copyright 2011 by Jerry Boucher
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