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Gloster Meteor F.3
Seat & Canopy
for Cyber Hobby Kits

Pavla, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

S 72065 (Seat)
V 72-80 (Canopy)



Contents & Media:

S 72065  1 x resin part
V 72-80   1 x vac-form canopy


Available online from:

Review Type:

First Look


High quality production.


No shoulder straps on the seat may be questionable.


Good quality components for the Cyber Hobby Meteor F.3 and also other early Meteor kits.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The recent release of the excellent Cyber-Hobby (Dragon) Gloster Meteor F.3 kit has led Pavla to release a replacement resin seat and vac-form canopy for it. Whilst I can understand the commercial opportunity a new kit release offers an accessory manufacturer like Pavla, I’m still amused that they did not do the same for the old but still decent Airfix kit from 1973.

None the less the seat is just as suitable for the old Airfix kit, or for that matter the Frog F.4 and probably the Matchbox/Revell/Xtrakit NF.11/12/14 kits. As to the canopy it might be adaptable to the Airfix and Frog kits as well.

Both the seat and canopy are well produced as we have come to expect from Pavla.



The seat features lap belts but no shoulder straps that I feel sure should be there. This said, I checked a half dozen or more Meteor books and several walk-arounds and could find no good pictures of a seat in early Meteors. I’m pretty certain that the shoulder straps did not mount onto the seat but were fixed to the bulkhead behind it. This could be why Pavla’s sets has none, although I would have thought that they might have cast them with the straps extending beyond the seat to fix to the bulkhead.  No doubt the straps were often flicked over and behind the seat, but ether way something will need to be done to represent them I feel. I wish I could be more informative on this point.

The canopy is a three-piece affair, as is the kit‘s injected canopy. I prefer the all-in-one option, as sometimes it can be hard to make a multi-piece canopy look good closed if this is how you wish to display your model. But this is not a major issue.





Both of these items will enhance your Cyber Hobby Meteor F.3, or indeed other brand Meteor kits. I wish however that I had a better answer concerning the lack of shoulder straps on the seat.


Thanks to Pavla Models for the review samples.

Review Text & Images Copyright © 2010 by Mark Davies
Page Created 11 July, 2011
Last updated 11 July, 2011

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