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Martin Baker MB.MK.4-FIRM4
for Mirage F.1C

Pavla, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Pavla Item No. S 48036 - Martin Baker MB.MK.4-FIRM4
for Mirage F.1C



Contents & Media:

1 x resin ejector seat.


Available online from Hannants for £1.88 & Modelimex for  €2.29

Review Type:

First Look


Good quality production.


None readily apparent.


Obvious improvement over the kit item.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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The Intended Kit

The only game in town for a 1/48 Mirage F.1 is the Esci/Italeri Kit, although I cannot say I’m familiar with it other than having checked a couple of magazine reviews. However it’s fair to say that it will clearly benefit from at least the addition of a decent replacement ejector seat.


The Seat

Pavla Models are well known for their extensive range of resin seats, detail and conversion sets, as well as vac-form canopies. They have adopted a sensible and welcome approach to aircraft accessories by frequently offering different degrees of enhancement for the same kit, from a full cockpit set to individual seats and canopies.  This is the case here, although whilst a full cockpit set is available for the Mirage F.1 in 1/48-scale, I have only the seat to review on this occasion.



The resin seat is cast to a high standard, but unlike with the cockpit sets there is no painting guide. On-line references abound however, so this is not really an issue. The accompanying photo really tells the rest of the story.





Pavla’s resin seat is a definite improvement over the kit seat. If you don’t feel like the outlay or extra effort involved with the Pavla cockpit set then at least buy this seat to improve the appearance of your Esci/Italeri Mirage F.1: recommended. 

Thanks to Pavla Models for the review samples.

Review Text & Images Copyright © 2010 by Mark Davies
Page Created 5 September, 2011
Last updated 5 September, 2011

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