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Yugoslav AF Roundels & Flags and Numbers

Balkan Models, 1/72 scale

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Catalogue Number:

BM-7203 Yugoslav AF Roundels & Flags
BM-7204 Yugoslav AF Numbers



Contents & Media

Instructions and waterslide decals.


Available from Balkan Models price TBA.

Review Type:

First Look


Well produced.


No pricing or purchase information on the company web-site, so e-mail Balkan Models for more information.


Well-produced decals with an appeal to a rather limited niche market. Pricing, purchases procedures and stockists need to be obtained via an inquiry to the company. Recommended to those wishing to model Modern Yugoslav AF subjects in 1/72.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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I was unaware of Balkan Models until recently when I reviewed two of their decal sets for Yugoslav MiG-21’s. From their domain name “.si” it seems that they are a Slovenian company. Looking at their web-site their niche would seem to be the Yugoslav Air Force, and air forces of the former Yugoslavia.

The decals produced so far cover from post-WW2 to at least the 1970’s and 80’s. Theirs is a relatively small decal range, but it seems that a kit is to be released soon of the Bludek XV (Lojze), a Yugoslav monoplane from the 1930s.



Here’s what they have to say about themselves: We produce decals and resin model kits for scale modellers around the world. Our main goal is to aware public about military history of the Balkans through world of scale modelling.


The Decals

Supplied in A5 plastic zip-lock bag along with notes on which aircraft the various sized markings and numbers fit. The lists are quite extensive and cover a good mixture of Western and Soviet types, as Yugoslavia was outside the Warsaw Pact despite being a communist state, and so it was supplied weapons from both sides of the iron curtain.



The decal sheets themselves appear to be very well produced, with good registration and colour density.



There is no pricing or purchasing information on BM’s web-site however, so presumably an e-mail to info@balkanmodels.si will resolve this. I could not readily find current stockists.



C o n c l u s i o n


The appeal of these decals will clearly lie with the limited niche market of Yugoslav Air Force enthusiasts they are intended for. This said there is a great range of aircraft that can wear these markings from Ju 52’s, Il-18’s, P-47’s, F-86’s and Mig-21’s plus a heap more, so be aware that if variety of types is your thing the Yugoslav Air Force has a lot to offer! These two sheets are nicely produced and look to be good quality. I highly recommend these decals to those who wish to build a variety of Yugoslav subjects.

I think Balkan Models would be well advised to list prices on their web-site, along with some sort of purchase mechanism.

Thanks to Balkan Models for these review samples.

Review Text Copyright 2011 by Mark Davies
Page Created 19 June, 2011
Last updated 26 July, 2011

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