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Wings of the Black Cross
Special No. 2

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

Eagle Editions

S u m m a r y

Title and Publisher

Wings of the Black Cross Special No. 2
Junkers Ju 87 Stuka
by Mark Proulx
Illustrations by Steve Diesley
Eagle Editions

ISBN: 978-0-914144-63-2

Contents and Media:

Soft-cover A4 format; 52 pages; black and white and colour photographs; full colour drawings


USD$24.95 plus shipping available online from Eagle Editions

Review Type:



A good selection of well-printed and -captioned photos, useful ID tables and nice colour profiles...


None noted except for my personal gripe about the use of ‘thru’ instead of ‘through’


A valuable addition to Ju87 history and a source of ideas for the modeller.

Reviewed by Graham Carter

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F i r s t R e a d


48 glossy pages of A4 paper in a glossy card cover allow excellent reproduction of B&W photos and the colour profiles.



Starting with brief historical outline of the Ju87’s development and use, there is a table of common Stuka four and five character codes, and representative units they served in. A short dissertation on Stuka camouflage is followed by a table of Geschwader/Stab identification colours, and similarly for Early and Late War Staffel IDs.



The remaining 41 pages consists of dozens of clear well-reproduced B&W photos, many from private collections, each with a useful two to five line caption. Interspersed throughout are some excellent colour profiles by Steve. The coverage runs from the early ‘A’ types in three-colour  schemes right through the ‘B’ , ‘D’ and ‘G’ variants to the end of the war.



Several shots are of crashed or surrendered aircraft.



C o n c l u s i o n


This is a valuable addition to Ju 87 history and a source of ideas for the modeller.

Thanks to Eagle Editions for the sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright © 2018 by Graham Carter
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