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AN/ALQ-99 Pod High Band

Eduard BRASSIN, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number

Eduard BRASSIN Item No. 648554 - AN/ALQ-99 Pod High Band

Contents and Media:

Six resin parts; six photo-etched parts; waterslide decals; instructions.




USD$14.95 plus postage, available online from Eduard

GBP£8.70 EU Price (£7.25 Export Price) plus postage available online from Hannants

Review Type

First Look


Includes optional nose cap; flawless resin casting; simple assembly; clear instructions and colour guide; decals including decals.


None noted.


This crisply detailed AN/ALQ-99 High Band pod will be a useful accessory for your 1/48 scale EA-18G Growler, F-111 and EA-6B Prowler kits.

Reviewed by Brett Green




The ALQ-99 is an airborne integrated jamming system designed and manufactured by EDO Corporation. Receiver equipment and antennas are mounted in a fin-tip pod while jamming transmitters and exciter equipment are located in under-wing pods. The system is capable of intercepting, automatically processing and jamming received radio frequency signals.[1] The system receivers can also be used to detect, identify and direction find those signals, providing signals intelligence (SIGINT) either automatically or manually.

The AN/ALQ-99 is mounted on the U.S. Navy's and U.S. Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler aircraft and U.S. Navy's EA-18G Growler aircraft. It was mounted on U.S. Air Force's EF-111A Raven aircraft before these aircraft were retired from service by May 1998.

The U.S. Navy's EA-6B Prowler were retired from Active service following deployment in 2015. The AN/ALQ-99 has a maximum power output of 10.8 kW in its older versions and of 6.8 kW in its newer versions. It uses a ram air turbine to supply its own power

* Background adapted from wikipedia article





Eduard has released an AN/ALQ-99 High Band pod in 1/48 scale. The pod is quite a big beast.

The BRASSIN pod is made up from four pieces in grey resin and three in photo-etch. One small decal sheet is also included.

The resin is crisply detailed and perfectly cast.

I particularly like the raised fastener and panel detail on the body of the pod itself.



An optional cap is provided for the nose of the pod.

Cleanup will be fast and simple with narrow casting attachments.

The photo-etched parts are the optional tiny popped-out RAM air turbine blades.



The decals provide placards and lots of stencil markings.



Instructions are straightforward, as you would expect for such a small parts count.





This crisply detailed AN/ALQ-99 High Band pod will be a useful accessory for your 1/48 scale EA-18G Growler, F-111 and EA-6B Prowler kits.

Thanks to Eduard for the samples and images.

Review Text Copyright 2020 by Brett Green
Page Created 8 October, 2020
Last updated 9 October, 2020

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