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Halifax B.II Improvement Set

Freightdog Models, 1/72 scale

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Freightdog Models Halifax B.II Improvement Set (Item No. Not Quoted)



Contents and Media:

22 parts in honeycomb coloured resin.


GBP£13.00 available online from Freightdog Models

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Noticeable improvement for the intakes, propellers, spinners and wheels; high quality casting; simple drop fit replacement for kit parts.




An excellent cosmetic improvement to the Revell Halifax.


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Revell’s all-new 1:72 scale Halifax B. Mk.I/II  GR.II is a state-of-the-art kit in terms of surface textures, level of detail and options provided.

The very obvious problem with the shape of the kit's nacelles and its flow-on effect on the spinners is surprising, to say the least. Similarly, the main wheels and in particular the tail wheel are noticeably undersized.

Freightdog Models has addressed the worst of these problems with their 1/72 scale Halifax B.II improvement set.

This set supplies new engine fronts, three bladed propellers with blades moulded in place, galley radiators, carburettor and air intakes, larger main wheels and a bay blank with a correctly sized tail wheel. The new engine fronts are direct replacements of improved shape but are slightly oversized in proportions to fit the Revell nacelles. The same may be said for the propellers but the shapes are greatly improved.


  • Halifax Correction Parts Preview     Freightdog Models, 1/72 scale: Image
  • Halifax Correction Parts Preview     Freightdog Models, 1/72 scale: Image
  • Halifax Correction Parts Preview     Freightdog Models, 1/72 scale: Image
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Although the Freightdog set does not address the narrow main sections of the nacelles, the smaller diameter spinner assembly and reduced intakes will be a noticeable visual improvement. The new wheels will make a big difference too. More importantly, no scratch building or heavy modification to kit parts will be necessary – these resin parts should be a simple drop-fit replacement.



A GR.IIA set should also be available soon (with four-bladed propeller assembly). A B.V Series IA has also been mooted if there is enough interest.

The B.II set is available online from Freightdog Models for £13.00 plus £2.00 postage worldwide: http://www.freightdogmodels.co.uk

Highly Recommended for anyone building the new Revell Halifax.

Thanks to Colin from Freigthdog Models for the Preview information and images

Freightdog Models and Decals are available online fron their website

Review Text and Title Image Copyright © 2012 by Brett Green
Other Images Copyright © 2012 by Freightdog Models
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