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L-13 Blanik Cockpit Set
for Eduard/Profiline kits

RES-IM, 1/72 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

RES-IM Item No. 7201 - L-13 Blanik Cockpit Set (for Eduard/Profiline kits)



Contents & Media:

5 x Resin parts and instructions.


Available online from:







Review Type:

First Look.


High quality production, good detail, yet simple sets. I really like the fact that the seats have distinctly different arrangements of the harness straps.


None apparent.


A very good quality detail set to enhance your Profiline/Eduard Let L-13, and probably AZ Models Blanik too.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

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Resin Improvement is a new company to me, this set being amongst the first of their products I have seen or reviewed. The parts come in a zip-lock plastic bag with card header with simple but adequate instructions using photo-images of the parts.


This set is intended for the Profiline/Eduard kits. I’m familiar with the Profiline boxing and reviewed the kit here on Hyperscale in January 2009. The L-13 has also been kitted by AZ Model and CMR in 1/72 scale, both of which I’m quite familiar with. This set would enhance the AZ kit, but CMR has a combined resin and coloured PE cockpit and is not in need of aftermarket enhancement.


The replacement parts are crisply cast and appear flawless. The cockpit floor is basic with simple rudder pedals. The seats, which are the main feature in the narrow cockpit after all, are really nicely done with good harness detail. It’s very pleasing to see is that the seats have distinctly different arrangements of their harness straps, so they are not duplicates of the same master as is so often the case. Top marks RES-IM for this element of added realism so often overlooked by others.s





This should be very straightforward and easy set to use which will lift the appearance of recipient kit nicely. The quality of casting is very good with the parts appearing flawless. The differences in harness arrangements on each seat is a really good touch.


Thanks to Resin Improvement for the review samples.

Review Text Copyright © 2012 by Mark Davies
Page Created 9 April, 2012
Last updated 10 April, 2012

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