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Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks

Barracuda Studios

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Roy Sutherland has sent the following information and images of the latest book from Barracuda Studios, available right now:

Barracuda Studios is very proud and happy to bring you a terrific new book entitled "Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks".

This new book tells the story of the 365th Fighter bomber Group in World War II. They were a Ninth Air Force P-47 unit assembled for the express purpose of providing air support for the allied push from the Normandy Landings to the German Homeland. The 365th FGs story has remained largely untold until a few years ago when Hell Hawks, by Dorr and Jones was published. This is a terrific book, and contains many fascinating stories of the men and machines of the group.



Our book is a perfect compliment, as it covers much ground not touched on in Hell Hawks. A detailed, almost day by day account of the Group makes up the main part of the book. Over a hundred sidebars, many written by the pilots themselves, give the reader a personal look into the lives of the men. There are over 550 beautifully reproduced photos, many in almost full page format. The vast majority of photos have never been seen before by the general public. Don Barnes, the guy who's vision this book represents, befriended 21 surviving pilots and the families of a number of other pilots who are no longer with us, and amassed a huge collection of photos from their private family albums. All were scanned at high resolution and are printed on high quality matt coated paper. The results are stunning.



The book is capped by 98 profiles of the Thunderbolts these men flew into combat. All profiles are complete and well researched. All but 3 of the aircraft are never before seen schemes. All 98 aircraft are connected to a pilot, and almost every single pilot in the many photos is identified by name.

This book consists of 320 pages printed in color (although most photos are black and white) on high quality paper by a respected printer, measures 8.5" by 11" in landscape format, weighs nearly 3 pounds, and is available in 3 editions:

  • Softbound $43.95

  • Hardbound $59.95

  • Limited Edition $89.95

The limited edition numbered edition is hardbound, with A special bookplate signed by 3 pilots of the 365th Fighter Group, as well as all three authors. This signed and numbered edition is limited to 365 copies.

The books are available for sale at the Barracuda Studios website: www.barracudacals.com



Thunderbolts of the Hell Hawks will begin shipping today; Friday, March 16th.

Happy modelling! Roy

Thanks to Barracuda Studios for the images and information

Barracuda Studio products are available online from their website

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