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Decals for Roden’s
Siemens Schuckert D.III

Pheon Models, 1/32 scale

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Pheon Models Item No. 32023 - Decals for Roden’s 1/32 Siemens Schuckert D.III




Contents and Media:

Waterslide decals, colour profiles, instructions and notes


Post & Packing, Payment:

Available only direct from Pheon Models by email to: pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk

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£3.60 to the UK & Europe, £4.95 to the rest of the world

Payment by Paypal

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First Look


Generous selection of interesting colourful markings; decal guide and profiles printed on three A4 pages in full colour


The black stripes for option 4 are not included and will have to be carefully masked


Top quality decal set that will motivate many modellers with the Roden kit in their stash, to get it out onto the modelling bench

Reviewed by James Fahey

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The Siemens Schuckert D.III was one of Germany’s best WWI fighter designs but its initial service was marred by engine problems resulting in a recall by the manufacturer. Siemens Schuckert reissued the D.III only three months before the Armistice with an improved engine, a new rudder, balanced ailerons and a cut away cowling for better cooling. This is the ‘later’ version of the D.III represented by the Roden kit.

Modellers have long been fascinated by the D.III with its extra-ordinary climbing performance and brief ‘what-if only’ service history at the war’s end. Roden’s big 1/32 kit was therefore warmly welcomed when it was released in late 2009.


As the kit featured only three markings options, the field was left wide open for after-market decal manufacturers to cover the other colourful finishes of the front line Jastas and Home Defense (Kest) units that operated the type. Pheon Models has done this admirably with twelve markings options in this set covering virtually all the D.IIIs pictured in Datafile #29.

Three are from Kest 5 with personal markings in yellow on black fuselages, which became well known after the pilots flew to Switzerland two days after the Armistice. Peter Thierstein of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, posted some very interesting history and photographs of these aircraft over at The Aerodrome forum http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/aircraft/44671-siemens-schuckert-d-iii-iv-switzerland.html ).

Pheon have faithfully reproduced Eger’s skull and crossbone markings which were quite different on each side of the fuselage.

The colour of the personal markings of these Kest 5 aircraft is conjectural. Pheon have opted for a golden yellow, whereas earlier profiles have shown them in white.

Four options feature personal markings over the attractive dark red-brown stained fuselage, with engine cowling and covers painted black. Three of these were from Kest 4b: 8349/18 with the blue and white star, 1628/18 with a broad black and white fuselage band and ‘Fritzel’ flown by Carl Dunkel. The arrow marked 3025/18 from Kest 8 was photographed in American hands after the Armistice.


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Two options are of early production DIII aircraft which are intended for use with Loon Models’ conversion set LO32006 which has resin parts to replace the cowling, ailerons, elevator and rudder. Rob Baumgartner reviewed this conversion set here at Hyperscale:


Ltn Alfred Greven’s lightning flash looks very striking over the Jasta 12 blue fuselage with white nose.

Vzfw Reimann’s D.III with diagonal black and white tail markings gets a revisionist treatment with Pheon suggesting that the dark stained fuselage was over-painted (Datafile p12). Pheon’s full colour artwork shows this coloured speculatively in blue. Unfortunately the black stripes for this option are not included in the decals and will have to be carefully masked.

There is an interesting option covering one of the Kest 5 interned D.IIIs in Swiss service circa 1920. Although not specifically covered by any of the options in the Pheon set, an earlier finish of this aircraft featuring the original skull and crossbones over black fuselage but with Swiss national insignia could also be assembled from the kit decals.

There are enough national markings in the set to build four models (three German and one Swiss). 16 Wotan propeller stencils are included.

Pheon’s decals are printed by Fantasy Printshop in the UK who are renowned for quality and usability.

Instruction Booklet

This is one area where Pheon really add value compared to many other decal manufacturers. The 14 page booklet from this set provides historical background including a brief description of the Kests, general colouring notes, national markings, references, decal application guide and notes on individual aeroplanes and pilots.

Three full pages are devoted to improving the Roden kit with tips for fixing some minor shortcomings and improving the accuracy of some details.





Pheon have been relatively quiet for the last six months so it is pleasing to see this new release confirm their continued support for new WWI subjects.

This set provides a generous selection of colourful, interesting markings for the SSW D.III. It was good to see the Swiss markings as one of the options – quite a change from all those Balkenkreuz-covered models. The hardest part will be deciding which option to choose!

Ordering is via email to pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk.

Pheon have a product listing hosted over at Britmodeller:


Thanks to Pheon Models for the review samples.

Available only directly from Pheon Models by email: pheon.models@hotmail.co.uk

Text and Images Copyright 2012 by James Fahey
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Last updated 7 May, 2012

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