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AIM-54A & AIM-54C

Eduard BRASSIN, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number:

Item No. 649-097 - AIM-54A

Item No. 649-107 - AIM-54C

Contents and Media:

Each set contains eight grey resin parts, decals and A5-sized instructions.




each set $12.71 + postage from Eduard

Review Type:

First Look.


All the detail of resin, without the need to clean up the seam lines of the plastic kit parts.


Noses on the AIM-54C set require cleanup


Highly recommended to all Tomcat Fans.

Reviewed by Phil Parsons

Eduard's 1/48 scale AIM-54 Phoenix missiles are available online from Squadron.com




The AIM-54 Phoenix was a radar-guided, long-range air-to-air missile, carried in clusters of up to six missiles on F-14 Tomcats, its only launch platform. The first production AIM-54A missiles were delivered in 1973, ready for deployment with the first F-14A squadron in 1974.

In 1977, development of the significantly improved AIM-54C began. The AIM-54C featured completely new digital  guidance and control sections. The missile incorporated a programmable digital signal processor, and the autopilot used a strap-down inertial navigation system. One very important feature of the AIM-54C was its vastly improved ECCM capability. Improvements in the rocket motor increased speed and range, and a new target detection device improved fuzing accuracy in high-clutter environments and for small and low-altitude targets. The first XAIM-54C prototypes were delivered in August 1979, and after tests with YAIM-54C missiles, production of the Phoenix switched to the AIM-54C in 1982. Initial Operational Capability of the AIM-54C was reached in 1986





These AIM-54 missiles from Eduard would easily be the best thought out design that I have seen for Phoenix missiles.

Unlike a lot of other air-air missiles that have a casting plug at the exhaust section, Eduard has cast these missiles in two pieces with the casting plugs situated where the main missile body joins the exhaust, this means no loss in detail and with each missile have only two parts , they will be very easy to construct.


  • Eduard 1/48 scale Phoenix Missiles Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 scale Phoenix Missiles Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 scale Phoenix Missiles Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 scale Phoenix Missiles Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • Eduard 1/48 scale Phoenix Missiles Review by Phil Parsons: Image
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Each missile comes with a complete set of decals and a painting guide.

I really like their construction, finish, and overall detail. I do however have one criticism for the AIM-54C missiles that I received. The nosecones on the AIM-54A missiles are well moulded with no excess resin that requires cleanup. The same cannot be said for the AIM-54C missiles that have remnants of a resin plug on the nose (see image below).



These will require careful attention when cleaning up. This is the first time that I have seen missile radomes from Eduard that require cleanup like this.





Due to the simple construction I can highly recommend these AIM-54 missiles for your next Tomcat build.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Eduard for the samples.

Review Text Copyright 2013 by Phil Parsons
Page Created 25 October, 2013
Last updated 25 October, 2013

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