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FFAR Rockets

Eduard BRASSIN, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Eduard BRASSIN Item No. Item No. 648 123 - FFAR Rockets.

Contents and Media:

Eight grey resin parts, one photo-etched fret




USD$9.95 plus shipping available online from Eduard’s website
£5.60 plus shipping available online from Hannants website
and specialist hobby retailers worldwide

Review Type:

First Look.


Single piece, clean moulding, minimal clean up..


Zero length launch rails would have been a nice addition


Recommended for US World War 2 era aircraft.

Reviewed by Michael Drover

Eduard's 1/48 scale AIM-54 Phoenix missiles are available online from Squadron.com




Not to be confused with the Zuni 5 inch Folding Fin Aerial Rocket, the 5 inch Forward Firing Aerial Rocket (FFAR) was a progression of the 3.75” rocket originally developed by the US in 1943. The original 3.75 inch rocket was essentially a kinetic energy weapon with no warhead designed to punch holes through targets. TBF Avengers used them to great affect against submarines.

Its use as a ground attack weapon however proved to be less effective. The lack of an explosive warhead hampered its useful application against surface shipping and land based targets. To overcome this, a modified 5 inch anti aircraft shell was adapted to the 3.5 inch rocket and voila, the 5 inch FFAR was born. Drag became the next hurdle in the development of the rocket as velocity was limited to 780 km/h due to the larger warhead and small rocket motor. Dependent on range, the rocket needed a ballistic trajectory in order to reach its target.





Congratulations should go to Eduard for filling a small gap in the World War 2 ordnance list. It would appear that they are the first company to release an aftermarket 5 inch FFAR.


Production of the rockets is excellent a no casting flaws are evident. Each rocket is provided as a single piece unit that eliminates any requirement of seam cleanup. The pour stub is attached at the rocket motor which is eventually covered by the etch component for the rocket motor. The fins are nice and thin and all parts are free of warp. Photo etch parts are supplied for the rocket motor, ignition lead and mounting lugs. A spare is provided for each of the etch pieces.



The constructions steps show the colours required and their application. Enough items are supplied to complete eight rockets.



Once constructed, painted and installed these Brassin rockets will provide an accurate representation of the 5 inch FFAR and will add interest to any subject they are installed on.



Do check your references as they weren’t carried by all US World War 2 era aircraft.






Thanks to Eduard for the samples.

Review Text Copyright 2013 by Michael Drover
Page Created 31 October, 2013
Last updated 31 October, 2013

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