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AGM-65 Missile
+ LAU-117/A Launcher

North Star Models, 1/48 scale

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Catalogue Number

North Star Models Item No. NS48042-a - AGM-65 Missile + LAU-117/A Launcher

Contents and media

22 gray and 2 clear resin parts, photo-etch, decals, +A5 instructions.




$14.00 + postage from North Star Models

Review Type

First Look


AGM-65 Missile + LAU-117/A Launcher.


Not enough decals for two missiles, no painting guide.


Recommended for the great resin detail on the missiles and launchers.

Reviewed by Phil Parsons

Eduard's 1/48 scale MiG-23 Wheels are available online from Squadron.com




The AGM-65 Maverick is a tactical air-to-ground missile (AGM) designed for close air support. Originally designed and built by Hughes Missile Systems, development of the AGM-65 spanned from 1966 to 1972, after which it entered service with the United States Air Force in August 1972. Since then, it has been exported to more than 30 countries and is certified on 25 aircraft. The Maverick served during the Vietnam, Yom Kippur, Iran–Iraq and Gulf Wars, along with other smaller conflicts, destroying enemy forces and installations with varying degrees of success.

Since its introduction into service, numerous Maverick versions had been designed and produced, using electro-optical,laser, charge-coupled device and infra-red guidance systems. The AGM-65 has two types of warhead: one has a contact fuze in the nose, the other has a heavyweight warhead fitted with a delayed-action fuze, which penetrates the target with its kinetic energy before detonating.




North Star Models again come to the modellers’ aid with their latest release of a pair of Maverick missiles with associate LAU-117 launch rails. The resin missiles come packed in a card backed cellophane bag that contains instructions, photo etch, decals and a zip locked bag with the resin.


  • North Star AGM-65 Missile Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • North Star AGM-65 Missile Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • North Star AGM-65 Missile Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • North Star AGM-65 Missile Review by Phil Parsons: Image
  • North Star AGM-65 Missile Review by Phil Parsons: Image
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The maverick bodies are resin with PE main fins and resin guidance fins, the mounting points for the fins may need to be deepened to take the PE parts. You also have the option of either the environmental cover or clear seeker domes. The missiles are well detailed especially the motor section, you will however, have to use your references to assist with painting this well detailed area.  The package is rounded out by a nicely detail LAU-117 pylon.

You are given two different missile options with decals to match (though no painting guide) The web  and references show many variations to missile colours, however most common are gray and olive drab (early missiles were white). What is disappointing is that the one decal sheet does not contain enough decals, especially if you intend to do an olive drab variant, why? The instructions indicate that U.S. Air force appears on both sides of the missile yet there are only two provided, vice four. Again, the olive drab missiles have yellow up arrows on each side of the seeker head, yet there are only two supplied on the decal sheet, enough for only one missile. Again the LAU-117 have serial numbers, you will need to raid your spares box for these.



The decal sheet is produced by Begemot of Russia and are clear and crisp with minimal carrier film; I do feel decal 27 is too red and should be browner to indicate a live rocket motor. Again, I feel that there should be two decal 27 and 24 to cover the two missiles.





Overall the resin is very well detailed, the lack of paint instructions and the lack of decals can be overcome by references and raiding the spares box. If you are purchasing these missiles, it is generally to replace the kit plastic supplied missile that may come with their own decals.  It is a pity that there are not enough decals provided to detail two missiles. The missiles due to their detail are still recommended, just be aware of the decal issues.



“Wikipedia” and “The modern Hog guide” by Reid Air Publications

My thanks to North Star Models for the review sample
Engine reference courtesy of Wikipedia

Review Text Copyright 2013 by Phil Parsons
Page Created 12 December, 2013
Last updated 12 December, 2013

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