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Seated Rafale Pilot

PJ Productions, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

PJ Production Item No. 481124 - Rafale Pilot Seated in Aircraft



Contents & Media:

Four parts in tan resin


5.20 from PJ Productions + Shipping

Review Type:

First Look


It's a seated pilot!


Minor-The seal around the oxy mask appears a little overstated


Very highly recommended, you can never have enough options for seated aircrew and PJ Productions have produced another winner here.

Reviewed by Phil Parsons

Zvezda's 1/48 Yak-3 is available online from Squadron.com



This is another very lovely Pilot figure from PJ Productions, from what I have read about French Rafale pilots, I believe this one is wearing a variant of the LA100 CGF Gallet flight helmet.



The tan resin is well cast, and bubble free with minimal cleanup once removed from the casting block, while the detail is excellent, I feel the detail that surrounds the oxygen mask is a little overstated.




I am a big fan of seated aircrew, as I like to build modern jets posed in-flight, where they look their best. I can highly recommend this little aviator, he will certainly be going into my 1/48 Rafale.

My Thanks to PJ Productions for the review sample.

Review Text Copyright 2013 by Phil Parsons
Page Created 16 October, 2013
Last updated 16 October, 2013

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