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Resin Updates for
Kinetic Alpha Jet

Wingman Models, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y

Item No. Wingman Models:
WMF 48003 Corrected Mauser Mk27B Gun Pod
WMF 48001 Alpha Jet Wheels
WMF 48002 Alpha Jet Stencil SIII Seats


Contents and Media: See details below
Scale 1/48
Price: Available online from Shop of Phantoms website
Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Crisp details; perfectly cast

Highly Recommended.


Reviewed by Mick Evans

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Wingman Models has produced three resin update sets for the Kinetic Alpha Jet.

WMF 48003 Corrected Mauser Mk.27B Gun Pod



When I original reviewed the Kinetic Alpha Jet kit, I thought the Mauser gun pod looked reasonable in detail until I received this gun pod to review. Wow the original gun pod is a bit thinner and the bulged area containing the gas exhausts are non- existent along with the very much undersized intake duct. Also there are many small panels and lumps and bumps that are not present on the kit gun pod, which also has some other very inaccurate panel lines and strakes. This replacement pod looks superb. It is much fatter with a very nicely moulded air intake on the side of the pod. The mid-section bulges are captured perfectly including the gun gas exhaust outlets. The panels have been engraved accurately as has the thinner rear section of the pod. The pod comes in three parts the larger forward section, thinner rear section and the gun barrel including the muzzle brake. The mould has been cleverly done to incorporate locating lugs that line up with the locating holes under the fuselage on the Kinetic kit. Finally a comprehensive instruction sheet is included containing 6 colour photographs for reference.

WMF 48001 Alpha Jet Wheels



These wheels from Wingman models are a direct replacement for the Kinetic Alpha Jet kit wheels. The kit wheels are split tyres that have a separate hub that is trapped between the split tyres. Looking very closely at the detail the brake unit detail is much sharper and more defined on the resin wheels. Having just assembled the wheels in my Kinetic Alpha Jet and having now compared the two I will be confining the kit wheels to my spares box. While the kit wheels are good the resin wheels from Wingman are far superior and have superb detail.


WMF 48002 Alpha Jet Stencil SIII Seats



The Kinetic Alpha Jet comes with Martin Baker ejection seats for the later versions of the Alpha jet. This release from Wingman allows the Kinetic release of the Alpha Jet to be built as an early version.

The resin cast seats are among some of the best mouldings that I have seen. The detail is very fine and intricate capturing the contours and ripples of the seat cushions. The seat harness is moulded to the seat in high relief with some very nice undercutting in the moulding to make the harness look more realistic. The buckles and adjusters stand proud on the harness and this leads to easy painting and picking out of the detail with a fine brush. Nine parts are provided in etched metal providing for the upper head box and lower seat pan ejection handles. Care will be required during removal as the leg protection extensions at the front of the seat and some fine detail in the manual separation handle can be easily damaged or broken off if you are not careful.

All Highly Recommended

Thanks to Wingman Models for the sample

Review Text Copyright © 2013 by Mick Evans
Images Copyright 2013 by Brett Green
Page Created 16 December, 2013
Last updated 16 December, 2013

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