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Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XIV/Mk.XVIII Pts. 1 & 2

Xtradecal, 1/48 scales

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number, Description and Scale:

X48-127 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. XIV/Mk. XVIII Part 1;
X48-130 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. XIV/ Mk. XVIII Part 2

Contents & Media

Two decal sets, each with seven marking options.


Set X48-127 £8.50 plus shipping

Set X48-130 £8.50 plus shipping 

both available online from Hannants

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First Look


Useful alternative decal options for a range of Mk XIV and Mk XVIII Spitfires.




Some colourful alternative markings which conform to the view you can never have too many Spitfire decals!

Reviewed by David Wilson

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F i r s t L o o k


Hannants has added two more aftermarket decal sets for Spitfire options to their expanding decal catalogue and the sets are beautifully rendered.

Sheet X48-127 features an assortment of Spitfires based in Britain and abroad spanning the period from 1944 to 1951. Roundels and fin flashes are included.



The full colour A4 markings sheet is well done noting published references to support the colour scheme callout, and the appropriate Xtracolor or Xtracrylix paints for your build.

  1. Spitfire Mk. XIVE RB169/ MN-F, 350 (Belgian) Squadron RAF Lympne, October 1944.

  2. Mk. XIVE NH895/ NI-K, 451 Squadron RAAF, Fassberg, Wunsdorf or Gatow, 1945.

  3. FR. Mk. XIVe NH927/R, 6 Squadron, Royal Indian AF, 1946.

  4. FR. Mk XIVE SM888/B, 28 Squadron, RAF Kuala Lumpur, Malaya 1946.

  5. FR Mk.XIVE TZ112/ OI-G, 2 Squadron RAF Buckeberg, 2TAF, RAF Germany, 1950-51.

  6. FR Mk. XVIII TP373/ GZ-C, 32 Squadron, possibly RAF Nicosia, Cyprus 1948.

  7. FR Mk.XVIII TZ 233/T, 208 Squadron RAF Fayid, Egypt, 1949.

Sheet X48-130 has Part 2 of this set and the general remarks above also apply to this excellent set, again offering seven schemes covering Spitfires operating in such locales as Germany, India, Palestine, Japan and Singapore spanning the period 1944 to 1949.



A colour double sided sheet accompanies the set illustrating all of the schemes and suggested Xtracolor and Xtracrylix paints.



The options on X48-130 are:

  1. Spitfire Mk.XIV RB159/DW-D, 610 Squadron R.Aux AF, RAF Culmhead or Fairwood Common, 1944.

  2. Mk. XIV NH703/ AE-B “Emily”, 402 RCAF Squadron B.108/Rheine or B116 Wunsdorf 1945.

  3. FR.Mk.XIVE RM972/ YB-D, 17 Squadron RAF Seletar, Singapore, 1945.

  4. FR. Mk.XVIII TZ240/ RG-A, 208 Squadron, Ein Shemar, Palestine 1948.

  5. LF.Mk.XIV RN135, Sqn Ldr “Ginger” Lacey, C.O. 17 Squadron, British Occupation Force, Miho, Japan, 1946.

  6. FR.XIV NH926/P, 28 Squadron, RAF Tengah, Singapore, 1947.

  7. FR.Mk.18 NH850/Z, 60 Squadron, RAF Tengah, 1949.

Both sets are beautifully produced, in perfect register and commendably thin.


  • Xtradecal 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.XIV / XVIII Pts 1 and 2 Review by Dave Wilson: Image
  • Xtradecal 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.XIV / XVIII Pts 1 and 2 Review by Dave Wilson: Image
  • Xtradecal 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.XIV / XVIII Pts 1 and 2 Review by Dave Wilson: Image
  • Xtradecal 1/48 scale Spitfire Mk.XIV / XVIII Pts 1 and 2 Review by Dave Wilson: Image
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C o n c l u s i o n


This is A nice addition to the range of aftermarket marking options for Spitfire enthusiasts.


Thanks to Hannants for this sample.


Text and Images Copyright 2013 by David Wilson
This Page Created on 21 November, 2013
Last updated 22 November, 2013

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