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Sqn Ldr Andrew Douglas Farquhar's Spitfire Mk Ia
Decal Addendum

fündekals, 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32 scales

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fündekals has sent the following information on an Addendum to one of their existing Spitfire decal sheets, available in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 scales:

fündekals update

It's happened again! What we at fündekals like to call "an opportunity". Using the prevailing information at the time we printed our decal sheet for Squadron Leader Andrew Douglas Farquhar's Spitfire Mk Ia with nose art based upon a famous photograph. However, we now know that the Spitfire in that photograph is very likely NOT one flown by Farquhar. It cannot be K9962 LO-A for two reasons:

1) This photo was taken on 21 March 1940, a month after Farquhar crashed landed in K9962.


2) The Spitfire in the photo has the B camo scheme therefore signifying an ODD serial number.

Dougald Cameron OBE, 602 Sqn historian and the author of "Glasgow's Own" (1987) helped us to sort all this out. First he sent us a recently discovered picture of the REAL K9962 LO-A used by Farquhar during the February missions that saw him bring down two He 111s.



He also used the ORB and interviews of 602 Sqn personnel to determine that the Spitfire with the art is more likely LO-O K9955 and that is was the regular mount of none other than (soon to be) Battle of Britain ace Archie McKellar who was leader of "B flight" at the time.



Faced with this new information we had an addendum printed for this decal. If you have already bought this decal then your addendum is in the mail to you.



Please visit our website to download the NEW instructions ... even if you haven't purchased the decal.


Text and Images Copyright 2014 by fündekals
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