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Colorful Mirage F.1CG of the Greek Air Force

Icarus Decals, 1/48 scale

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Icarus Decals 48008 – Colorful Mirage F.1CG of the Greek Air Force

Contents and Media:

Single decal sheet with decal placement guide and painting instructions on 2x A4 colour sheets..


£10.99 available from Hannants
Other retailers are available via Icarus Decals website


1/72 scale

Review Type:

First Look.


Excellent colour reference; thin carrier film; perfect register; excellent olour saturation.




Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Mick Evans

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Icarus Decals new release of Colorful Mirage F.1CG is printed to a very high standard by printers Cartograf of Italy.   



The decals are in perfect register and are sharply printed.  



The colour saturation looks good so there will be no see through effect with the color schemes.  The carrier film is very thin and should disappear under a coating of clear finish.  The artwork has been well defined with all of the data decals being readable. The colour reference sheet provided is printed on heavy glossy paper and is excellent being printed in color and accurate.   The instructions give good reference and decal placement for all sides of the aircraft where necessary.  The schemes are displayed in four views so nothing is left vague.  Seven color photographs are also provided for additional reference.



The Mirage F.1CG (G for Greece) served with eth Helenic Air Force from August 1975 until the official withdrawal of the type on June 30 2003.  Two anniversary aircraft were painted for the occasion, to honor the two squadrons that flew the Mirage F.1CG.

Markings are provided for two aircraft with one very striking scheme is listed below.

  1. Mirage F.1CG (129) of 342 Squadron, 114CW based at Tanagara Air Force Base 2003.  This aircraft from 342 Squadron was painted as a silver aircraft representing a 334 Sqn aircraft.  334 Squadron had been disbanded a few years earlier.  The aircraft is decorated with the national insignia and the 334 Squadron emblem “Talos” (the Greek mythology robot) on the tail.  The emblem is emblazoned over a red flash with a part of the Greek national insignia in the lower rear corner.  The aircraft also has red intake trimming stretching back as a thinning line all the way along the fuselage.  A black radome and anti-glare panel completes the color scheme.
  1. Mirage F.1CG (115) of 342 “Sparti” Squadron, 114CW based at Tanagara Air Force Base 2003.  The “Sparti” Squadron anniversary scheme was spectacular being painted in yellow and blue, the aircraft sported the Hellenic flag on the fuselage sides and was decorated with a large Squadron emblem on the vertical fin.  The upper main and tail wing surfaces are mainly blue with yellow lines sweeping from the inner wing leading edge to the outer trailing edge.  The lower wing surfaces are a mirror reverse of the upper wing colors.  A large spear runs from the intake shock cone to just in front of the windscreen and the anti-glare panel is painted blue and runs from the windscreen to the tip of the nose.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Icarus Decals for the sample

Text and Images Copyright 2014 by Mick Evans
Page Created 6 February, 2014
Last updated 6 February, 2014

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