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Bf 109G-1/G-2
"Fighter Aces”

Mark I Models, 1/144 scale

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Mark I Models Kit No. MKM14415 - Messerschmitt Bf 109G-1/G-2 "Fighter Aces”



Contents & Media

Two kits, each with fifteen grey styrene airframe parts, one clear styrene canopies, one resin cockpit; plus waterslide decals covering four aircraft.


Available online from: Hannants for £10.17 and Modelimex for €10.83.

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First Look


Very good quality, fine mouldings and good decal sheet. Two kits per box makes for good value.


None apparent.


Good scale finesse, after allowing for injection moulding limitations with 1/144-scale. Very good quality components and decals. With skilful finishing these kits should make for stunning miniatures – Definitely recommended.

Reviewed by Mark Davies

Valom's 1/48 scale An-2 Colt is available online from Squadron.com




The Bf 109 needs no introduction amongst most aviation enthusiasts. It may however be worthwhile to give just a little background on Mark I Ltd.

They are perhaps best known for their 4+ range of aviation booklets and Mark I Dozen Sets of decals and comprehensive markings guides and walk-arounds. A year or so ago they also took over the superb CMR range of resin kits, and included a few new releases under Mark I's auspices. Most recently, Mark I has acquired the Attack Hobbies 1/144-scale range of jet aircraft, which it re-boxed and released with new decals.



The re-released Attack Hobbies range has served as a launching-pad for Mark I to move into the development and realisation of its own new tool 1/144-scale kits using electro-plated metal moulds. However, the Bf 109G-1/G-2 kit reviewed here was previously released by Eduard, although Mark I claims to have improved the kit.





Two identical kits come packed in a good quality end-opening box with nice artwork on the front, and a painting and decaling guides for the four decal options on its rear. All parts are sealed in a plastic bag, with the clear and resin parts each sealed separately in their own smaller bags. The decals are loose with the kit sprues.


  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
  • Mark 1 1/144 scale Bf 109 G-1/G-2 Review by Mark Davies: Image
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The instructions include a parts map, and assembly diagrams are easy to follow. All text is in English. The instructions include a four-view coloured painting and markings guide for each option, with RLM codes included for the main colours.

Colour schemes offered with this the kit are:

  • Bf 109G-1/R6, Horst Carnagico, Stab II./JG 5, Luftwaffe, Alakurrti airfield, Northern Russia, April 1943.

  • Bf 109G-2, Black 13, Günther Rall, 8./ JG 52, Luftwaffe, Eastern Front, August 1942.

  • Bf 109G-2/Trop, Yellow 5, Anton Hafner, 4./JG 51, Luftwaffe, Tunisia, November 1942.

  • Bf 109G-2, MT-201/White 1, Eino Luukkanen, 2/LeLv 34, Finnish Air Force, Utti airfield, Finland, summer 1943.



The decals appear to be excellent, as we would expect given the company's background in decal production.

The kit follows a conventional breakdown for this type of aircraft and all parts are crisply moulded with delicate recessed panel line detail. The cockpit tub and instrument panel are formed in resin as one piece. Such is its small size that this very basic interior does not matter much.

The kit captures the lines of the real aircraft and high degree of moulding finesse. Yes, in theory panel lines in 1/144-scale are going to be overdone no matter how fine the moulding, but most would want something there to add interest to the model. Mark I Models have done a very good job in this regard. The transparencies are reasonably thin and clear. The overall quality is close to the Platz 1/144-scale kits I have reviewed.

Assembly is conventional for the type and should be a breeze with such a low parts count; which is more than can be said for painting when it comes spraying 1/144 scale mottle!





This boxing offers two very nice little Bf 109G kits, and I think represents very good value. The moulding has sufficient finesse that I think the eye will be drawn away from any unavoidable slightly over-scale elements.  These kits should be easy to build, but skill will be needed when painting.

There will of course be those who choose to add more detail etc, but as supplied they are very good. Neatly finished these models are potentially little gems, and very undemanding on display space. 

Definitely recommended.

Thanks to Mark I Ltd for the review sample

Text and Images Copyright 2014 by Mark Davies
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Last updated 15 January, 2014

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