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Pilot & Crew Figures

Model Cellar, 1/32 & 1/48 scales

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Catalogue Number:

Model Cellar Resin Figures:

MC32021 1/32 scale (54mm) Max Immelman (sic)
MC48005 1/48 scale Manfred and Lothar Richthofen
MC48007 1/48 scale WWI British RFC Pilot and Mechanic
MC32017 1/32 scale WWI German Two Seater Pilot and Observer


1/32 and 1/48 scales

Contents and Media:

Eleven sprues of injection moulded grey plastic parts; one sprue of clear plastic; one fret of photo-etch metal detail parts; markings for five aircraft


MC32021 - USD$22.50
MC48005 - USD$22.50
MC48007 - USD$22.50
- USD$41.00
Plus postage all available online from Model Cellar's website

Review Type:

First Look


Natural poses; anatomically correct proportions; excellent detail; flawless casting; minimal clean-up.




Mike Good is very much respected in the figure modelling world. His work with WWI subjects is always a pleasure to work with and these releases are more welcome additions to his ever increasing range.

Reviewed by Rob Baumgartner

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There has been a steady release of WWI aircraft over the last few years.  

Figures for these subjects have been on the rise recently and these items from Model Cellar are amongst the best. They are sculpted by Mike Good and he has captured the look of each personality admirably.

MC32021 1/32 scale (54mm) Max Immelman (sic)



Here we have the perfect figure to stand beside one of Wingnut Wings’ acclaimed Eindeckers. In fact the pose comes from Sanke card #347 in which Immelmann stands in front of one of his early monoplanes (not to be confused with the box-top background which is Sanke card #362).



The photo used to sculpt the figure was taken on 15 December 1915 during a visit by the King of Saxony to inspect Feldflieger-Abteilung 24. Note that the figure should be wearing gloves, something not reflected in the box-top painting.



The figure is broken down into 5 parts - these being the head, main body, arms and head. There are 2 types of the latter, one with his regular peaked cap, the other bare-headed.
Also included is a very handy coloured instruction sheet that details the colour of each medal worn by the Ace.


MC48005 1/48 scale Manfred and Lothar Richthofen



The brothers Richthofen were both Aces during the war with Manfred gaining 80 victories and his younger brother scoring 40.



Importantly, these 2 figures have been sculptured to correctly portray the relative sizes of the two men. Their clothing can be seen in period photos of around April 1917 when the two were seen together at Jasta 11.



Both have separate heads that come with and without caps, and once again the arms are detached to allow for easier casting and better detail. The stances are relaxed and natural with each pilot exhibiting an excellent likeness of their subjects.

MC48007 1/48 scale WWI British RFC Pilot and Mechanic



The individuals presented here are an ideal pairing for a diorama.



It appears as though the pilot is in conversation with his mechanic, which can lead to some interesting storylines for those with a little bit of imagination.



Four pieces make up each subject and their natural poses provide for a realistic scenario.

MC32017 1/32 scale WWI German Two Seater Pilot and Observer



“Emil” and “Franz” look idly on as their two-seat armed reconnaissance machine is readied for its next sortie.



The above slang was used by the Germans to refer to the pilot and observer respectively.  



The standard breakdown of parts apply with the exception of “Franz” who holds his helmet in his hand and has separate boots.





These are some the best figures around.

The proportions are excellent and so is the subject matter. Each casting is blemish free with no air bubbles or distortion anywhere. There is very little to clean up and the attachment points of each part lock positively into place.

They will make great subjects in their own right or they can be great additions to your favourite vignette.

Thanks to The Model Cellar for the review sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2014 by Rob Baumgartner
Page Created 3 February, 2014
Last updated 3 February, 2014

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