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British Spitfire Cannon Armed Spade Grip


Tail Boom, Full Size

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Maurizio Di Terlizzi has sent images and information on the newest release from Tail Boom Models - a full-sized multimedia kit of the British Spitfire Cannon Armed Spade Grip:

Hello, as usual in the last years, I am glad to share with you my last model kit in full scale. It is the typical Spade Grip that was fitted to all the cannon-armed version of the Spitfire, when starting from 1940, began to reach frontline combat units.



Following the early Marks equipped with the famous “A” wing with 8 Browning machine guns, the “B” wings required a new device that allowed pilots to fire on their choice machine guns and cannon, so a cumbersome and large switch was fitted on top of the Spade Grip.



The proposed model, a replica of the serial number AH8068, is a resin kit casted with non toxic resin and metal, composed of 21 parts, very easy to be assembled and painted.



This particular spade grip was fitted to almost all the Spitfire variants (except the MkI and MkVa) and is still one of the most remarkable features of this iconic British fighter.



I hope you like it !

These are strictly limited productions, so be quick if you want one.

Contact Maurizio Di Terlizzi for pricing and availability information

Thanks to Maurizio Di Terlizzi for the images and information

Images Copyright © 2015 by Maurizio Di Terlizzi
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