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F-16A/B/C/D Reinforcement Plates

DACO Products, 1/48 scale

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DACO ProductsItem No. ASD4822 - F-16A/B/C/D Reinforcement Plates 2



Contents & Media

Single page A4 instruction guide, 1 sheet of pre-cut vinyl items. Two full set provided.

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Available from DACO Products for 10,00 Euro. (The 1/72 and 1/32 items are the same price.


A very easy product to use that will confirm well to curved surface compared to the photo etch variety.


Unsure if the vinyl is of appropriate scale thickness.


A very easy set to use that will easily enhance your next F-16 project.

Reviewed by Michael Drover

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As the F-16 has developed and aged through its's service career, it has become necessary to strengthen various parts of the airframe. This has been done by adding various sized 'scab' plates that have been added to the exterior of the aircraft. In some cases it is to combat airframe fatigue and in others it is to strengthen the airframe because of the larger ordnance being carried by the jet.

Other manufacturers have previously marketed photo etch panels that have proven difficult to add to the airframe thanks to the stiffness of the metal that they are made from. DACO have chosen to use a different material in the way of precision cut vinyl. This will prove easier to use than the etch items as it is both more flexible than its etch counter part and it is self adhesive so there's no mucking around with waiting for super glue to go off. Being self adhesive you can reposition them if you make and error though I don't know just how adhesive they are.



In the A5 ziplock bag you get a single sided A4 placement guide and two full sets of of the vinyl plates so two complete jets are possible. You may get a bit more value from the sheets as not all F-16 have the full set of scab plates applied. The vinyl isn't too thick though that is a fairly non-scientific observation. I think a lick of you favourite grey liquid filler will help blend them into the surrounding fuselage.





I have a few F-16's in my collection and some of the marking options chosen need the scab plates added. I'll give these a go as I currently don't have any other options in the after market box. If you're after an alternative to the etch versions, I recommend getting these vinyl scab plates from DACO.

Thanks to DACO Products for the review samples.

Review Text and Images Copyright © 2016 by Michael Drover
Page Created 5 January, 2016
Last updated 5 January, 2016

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