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Su-33 PE Update &

J-15 Conversion Sets

Dream Model, 1/48 scale

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CDM 48022 - PE for Su-33 for Kinetic
. USD$6.99 incl. free air shipping

CDM 48023 - J-15 Conversion Set for Kinetic
USD$10.99 incl. free air shipping


both available from Lucky Model

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Both include colour photo-etch; adds harness straps for the kit seat; effective but relatively simple upgrades; J-15 conversion includes resin parts and decals.



These are both simple but very effective sets that will lend some individual character and additional detail to your Kinetic 1/48 scale Su-33.

Reviewed by Brett Green

Eduard’s 1/72 scale Storm Shadow missiles are available online from Squadron.com




Dream Model from China has been quick off the mark with two useful accessories for Kinetic's lovely new 1/48 scale Su-33 Flanker-D.


CDM 48022 - PE for Su-33 for Kinetic

This simple update is made up from a colour photo-etched fret, a sheet of printed clear foil and a printed paper instrument.



The photo-etched fret supplies a new instrument panel, upper and lower side consoles, seat cushions, harness straps, pull handles and other small cockpit details.

This is a worthwhile and inexpensive upgrade for Kinetic's front office.


CDM 48023 - J-15 Conversion Set for Kinetic

The Shenyang J-15, also known as Flying Shark, is a carrier-based fighter aircraft in development by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the 601 Institute for the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy's aircraft carriers.

Rumors initially claimed the aircraft was to be a semi-stealth variant, yet later reports indicate the aircraft is based on the Soviet-designed Sukhoi Su-33 and is fitted with domestically produced radars, engines, and weapons. An unfinished Su-33 prototype, the T-10K-3, was acquired from Ukraine in 2001 and is said to have been studied extensively, with development on the J-15 beginning immediately afterward.

While the J-15 appears to be structurally based on the Su-33, the indigenous fighter features Chinese technologies as well as avionics from the J-11B program.

On 25 November 2012, Chinese media announced that two J-15s had made successful arrested landings on the aircraft carrier Liaoning.

In December 2013 Chinese media reported that mass production of J-15s in full operational condition with combat markings had begun.

The conversion comprises two resin rocket rails, a colour photo-etched fret, a brass photo-etched fret, a printed clear foil and glass instruments printed onto paper backing. Decals are included too.



This is an easy conversion. The colour photo-etched fret focuses on the new glass instrument panel but also offers enhancements including side consoles, harness straps, seat cushions and more.



The brass fret provides a variety of vents, plates and avionics for the exterior of the model.

The two small decal sheets offer markings for various prototype aircraft finished in yellow primer and peppered with data markings, and operational aircraft in overall grey and adorned with flying sharks on the fins.



This is a really interesting conversion for a fairly unique variant.





These are both simple but very effective sets that will lend some individual character and additional detail to your Kinetic 1/48 scale Su-33.

Thanks to Lucky Model for the samples and images.

Review Text & Black Background Images Copyright 2016 by Brett Green
Page Created 13 January, 2016
Last updated 13 January, 2016

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