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North American Mustang
Part 3

Lifelike Decals, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

LifeLike Decals Item No. 48047 - North American Mustang Pt. 3



Contents & Media:

One full size and one smaller sheet of waterslide decals; colour instructions.


Available on-line from these stockists:



Lifelike Decals




Review Type:

First Look.


Clearly printed and in register; Detailed stencil data supplied; Excellent colour reference; Very high quality presentation.




Highly Recommended.

Reviewed by Mick Evans

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Lifelike Decals has released a further sheet of their North American P-51 Mustang series in 1/48 scale 48-047 Pt3.  The sheet is printed to a very high standard that we have come to expect from Cartograf Decals who perform the decal printing.  The decals are in perfect register and are sharply printed.  The carrier film is very thin and should disappear under a coating of clear finish. 



The artwork for the nose art decals has been well defined with all of the data decals being readable.  The colour reference sheet provided is printed on heavy paper and is excellent, giving good colour reference and decal placement.  A good amount of written data and plenty of referenced material is also listed.

Markings are provided for four aircraft  in very striking schemes as listed below.

  • P-51B-5-NA 43-6819 QP-B flown by Captain Duane Beeson of the 334 FS, 4 FG in April 1944 and was based at Debden England.  The aircraft is finished in Olive Drab over Neutral Grey with an Orange engine cowl and spinner.

  • P-51K-10-NT 44-12147 GQ-A “Flagship Nancy-Anne” flown by Colonel George Bickell commander of the 354 FG in May 1945 and was based at Ansbach in Germany.  The aircraft is finished in natural metal with a Yellow, Black and Red spinner and Olive Drab anti-glare panel.

  • P-51K-1-NT 44-11459 “Oklahoma Kid” flown by Captain Barney Fudge of the 74 FS, 23 FG in July to August 1945 and was based at Lluchow in China  The aircraft is finished in natural metal with a engine cowl and spinner.

  • P-51D-10-NA 44-14676 CL-I flown by Lt William Searby Jr of the 3rd Scout Force of the 8th Air Force in 1945 and was based at Wormingford in England.  The aircraft is finished in natural metal with a Green and Yellow spinner and Olive Drab anti-glare panel.  The rudder is painted red and white checks.

Thanks to Lifelike Decals for these samples.

Text and Images Copyright 2016 by Mick Evans
Page Created 5 January, 2016
Last updated 5 January, 2016

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