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WWI Modelling Special No.

Building the Wingnut Wings Halberstadt Cl.II kits


Albatros Productions

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THE latest Modelling Special from Albatros is devoted to Wingnut Wings' Halberstadt Cl.II kits. For serious modellers keen on getting the very best from these excellent models, WWI aero-historian and author Ray Rimell presents a comprehensive handbook of 54 colourful and image-laden pages enabling the reader to achieve perfect results. With over 200 illustrations,this new monograph presents an extensive build-log for the early-version Halberstadt kit with expanded coverage of painting and decal applications steering enthusiasts towards an authentic and convincing finish. Every assembly stage is described in great depth, featuring step-by-step photos along with sketches and unique archive material.

All key aspects are covered, from super-detailing the cockpits, Mercedes engine, armament and observer's gun ring fittings, to the correct use of specialist decals when reproducing printed fabric and 'scumbled' fuselage camouflage applications. Ronny Bar presents nine all-new colour profiles, including a multi-view centre-spread, and there's a unique gallery of rare wartime images, most previously unpublished and reproduced to generous format.
This exciting title also includes a special Hannover 'postscript' with rare colour close- ups of the licence-built FF.7 Hauk (Hannover Cl.V) preserved in Norway, offering plenty of internal detail reference. An invaluable addition to our popular series of 'Hawa' publications.

Comprehensive after-market accessory and decal listings, plus jargon-buster and an extensive bibliography, complete the latest Wingnut Special which offers a veritable feast of modelling expertise and invaluable full-size data for these agile and highly-effective German WWI two-seaters. Whilst the focus of the content is on the WNW kits, this high-quality Special will prove a real investment for those building model Halberstadts in any scale.

Price is £26.00 (plus post, packing and handling) available directly from our webstore or direct from Albatros Productions Ltd.,10 Long View, Berkhamsted, Herts,HP4 1BY,UK and selected outlets Worldwide.

Email us at mail@windsockdatafilespecials.co.uk

Thanks to Albatros Productions for the image and text.

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This Page Created on 7 November, 2018
Last updated 20 December, 2019

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