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Hellcat Undercarriage Set
Cruciform Block Pattern Tyres
Hellcat Mk.II Decals

Aerocraft Models, 1/24 scale

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Aerocraft Models

Brass Undercarriage and Resin Doors Set - £28.00

Cruciform Block Pattern Tyres - £8.00

Hellcat Mk.II Decals - £8.00

plus shipping available online from Aerocraft Models' website



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First Look.


Perfect casting; excellent detail; easy cleanup and assembly; metal legs will offer more secure mounting than the kit parts; oleo scissors and hydraulic cables cast onto the legs; easy to adjust rake and splay.




These are easy and useful upgrades for your big Airfix 1/24 scale Hellcat.

Reviewed by Brett Green



Aerocraft Models has released a number of new upgrades for the big 1/24 scale Airfix Hellcat kit.


Brass Undercarriage and Resin Doors Set

Aerocraft's 1/24 scale Hellcat Undercarriage Set comprises five parts in lost wax brass castings, two pieces of brass rod and two resin undercarriage doors.

Casting of the brass parts is perfect, and the only cleanup required is the removal of a small casting stub on the top of the main legs.



Detail is gorgeous, with oleo scissors and hydraulic lines cast with the main undercarriage legs as a single part for each side.



Retraction struts are cast as a single piece each.

Similarly, the tail wheel leg is a single piece. The tail wheel strut and its retraction struts are well detailed.



The Aerocraft brass undercarriage set will offer a more secure mounting than the kit parts. In my opinion though, the greatest advantage of metal undercarriage is that the rake and splay may be adjusted after the legs have been installed.



The undercarriage doors are cast as one piece in grey resin.



They are crisply detailed inside and out.


Cruciform Block Pattern Tyres

If you'd like a bit of a different look for your Airfix Hellcat, Aerocraft Models has also just releaesed a set of cruciform block pattern tyres.

These are a very simply relacement for the kit's plastic tyres, which have a join line down the centreline and detail is a bit soft.

The replacement tyres from Aerocraft are cast in one piece with no centreline cleanup required. They will simply be fitted to the kit's plastic hubs.

The raised cruciform blocks and Firestone logo on the sidewalls are crisply rendered.



The tyres are subtly flattened.

Aerocraft also offers diamond tread and radial tread 1/24 scale Hellcat tyres in their range.


Hellcat Mk.II

Aerocraft has released a number of decal sheets for the Airfix 1/24 scale Hellcat - some US and some Fleet Air Ar,

Tonight I am examining the markings for a Grumman Hellcat Mk.II, 800 NAS at Trincomalee in 1945.



This aircraft features intertesting overpainted roundels on the fuselage side and wide white ID bands on the wings and tail planes.

The decals are glossy and in good register.



Instructions are not included but you may download them from Aerocraft Models' website.

These are all easy and useful upgrades for your Airfix 1/24 scale Hellcat kit.

Thanks to Aerocraft Models for the sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2020 by Aerocraft Models
Page Created 22 December, 2020
Last updated 23 December, 2020

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