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Phantom Decal Preview
January 2020

AOA Decals, 1/48 scale

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AOA Decals has sent information about their three newest releases, available now from their website:

AOA decals announces the release of three new 1/48 decal sheets designed for the Academy F-4B/F-4J Phantoms kits:

48-013 - PHANTOM AIRFRAME DATA (Stencil Type) - F-4B & F-4J Panels & Markings



Similar to the previously released 1/32 sheet 32-031, this new 1/48 decal sheet provides the extensive F-4 Phantom airframe data (including panel numbers/labels) for either an F-4B or F-4J.  The airframe data provided is the painted (open stencil) type of markings commonly seen in the mid/late 1960s into the early 1970s on reworked USN/USMC F-4B and F-4J Phantoms.  This is not the original new factory printed (full letter) airframe data.



Includes placards for the landing gear, speed brakes, speed brake wells, auxiliary air doors, wing external fuel tanks, and main and nose gear doors.  Also includes markings for all pylons, bomb adapter racks (inboard and outboard pylon types), and LAU-7 rail markings.  

48-014 - SPOOKS FROM THE BEACH - USMC F-4B/F-4J Phantoms in the Vietnam War



This extensive 1/48 sheet covers six Marine fighter attack squadrons operating the F-4B and F-4J Phantom in the Vietnam War (with some additional coverage when stationed in Japan and Hawaii).  



A copy of the full airframe data sheet 48-013 is included in this release.


15+ Marking Options Included: 

  • VMFA-115 Silver Eagles - (6 F-4Bs) Squadron/aircraft identifier markings are also included for the external fuel tanks and pylons from the 1971 period.  Features correct blue/white/red stripes and accurate eagle insignias printed in metallic silver. 

  • VMFA-212 Lancers - (1 F-4J) Squadron identifier markings are also included for TERs/MERs.

  • VMFA-232 Red Devils - (2 F-4Js) Both the early and late devil insignias are accurately reproduced.

  • VMFA-314 Black Knights - (2+ F-4Bs).

  • VMFA-323 Death Rattlers - (3+ F-4Bs) Decals also provided for crew helmets.  The two styles of the diamondback snake insignia are accurately reproduced.

  • VMFA-334 Falcons - (1 F-4J) Features properly shaped falcon insignia, and also includes the falcon caricature intake artwork carried while in Japan. 

48-015 - VF-154 BLACK KNIGHTS - USN F-4J Phantoms in the Vietnam War & the Cold War



Similar to the previously released 1/32 sheet 32-030, this new 1/48 decal sheet covers one Navy fighter squadron - VF-154 Black Knights - when they operated the F-4J Phantom in the 1970s. 


Four Marking Options Included:

  • USS Ranger [Vietnam]  (1970-71) - standard scheme

  • USS Ranger [Vietnam] (1972-73) - CAG & standard scheme  

  • NAS Miramar (1977-78) - CAG scheme

The three new releases are now in stock and available to order now at www.AOAdecals.com 

Text and Images Copyright 2019 by AOA Decals
Page Created 3 January, 2020
Last updated 3 January, 2020

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