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Macchi C.205V Part 1
Italian, German and Croatian Aces

Stormo Decals, 1/48 scale

S u m m a r y :

Catalogue Number:

Stormo Decals Item No. 48-008 - Macchi C.205V Part 1. Italian, German and Croatian Aces



Contents & Media:

See details below.


CAN$19.49 plus shipping available online from Stormo's web store

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First Look


Excellent instructions and colour details. Beautiful printing, colour and register and an interesting set of aircraft.


A minor issue of the decal placement arrows disappearing into the rather dark schemes, and darker background sheet would help locate some of the white markings - minor issues really.


This is a very well produced decal sheet - definitely recommended to the 1/48 scale modeller of this aircraft and era.

Reviewed by Graham Carter

HyperScale is proudly sponsored by Squadron.com



This Canadian company has produced a very nice sheet to suit either the Hasegawa or Italeri kit in 1/48. The decals are © 2018 but the instructions are ©2017 - curious!

They are beautifully printed with great colour density and featuring a bare whiff of clear trim to worry about. The background sheet is a very pale blue which could have been a bit darker to help delineate the large number of white markings. There is block of tiny white MM numbers for the modeller to make up other choices but they will require very careful cutting and placement on a model. They are very useful nonetheless.



The clear and well-written instructions fill both sides of an A4 sheet and each subject is illustrated with a colour port or starboard profile and a generic top and underside view at the end of the sheet. One criticism here is that they are bit dark and the arrows indicating the position of some decals, particularly the stencilling, tend to disappear into the colours. There is also a background to the system of application and some hints re the proprietary decal materials to use, although I do object to the use of ‘allot’ rather than ‘a lot’ ( but that is probably just me). 

It is very pleasing to see the use of the correct Italian mimetico colour numbers to acknowledge that Italian aircraft producers often used different paint manufacturers; references are provided as well. Macchi used a specific group of tan, green and pale grey paints which differed from those used by FIAT, CANT, Reggiane, Imam Ro and Savoie-Marchetti - it can get quite confusing. FS numbers are given for these colours.



Each subject is given a description of its use, pilot, time and colour notes. The seven aircraft are all in same schemes of Nocciola Chiaro 4 and Verde Oliva Scuro 2 over Grigio Azzuro Chiaro 1 ( that’s light hazelnut and dark olive green over light bluish grey) :-

1.C205V Serie I MM9291 in Sardinia 6/43

2. C205V Serie I MM9324 at Pantellaria 5/43

3. C205V Serie III MM92156  at Capoterra 7/43

4. C205V Serie III MM92187 at Cerveteri 8/43

5. C205V Serie III MM92xxx at Lagnasco 11/43 used by the Luftwaffe

6. C205V Serie III MM92xxx  at Zagreb, Croatia, 6/44 and also used by the Luftwaffe

7.  C205V Serie I MM9348 in 10/43 in Co-Belligerent markings.





This is a very well produced decal sheet - definitely recommended to the 1/48th modeller of this aircraft and era..

Thanks to Stormo Decals for the sample.

Text and Images Copyright © 2020 by Graham Carter
Page Created 7 February, 2020
Last updated 8 February, 2020

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