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Mark I Models' 1/144 scale
HS.748 / Andover CC.2/T.2

by Brett Green

HS.748 / Andover CC.2/T.2




I have just finished a small project - in every sense of the word!

This is Mark I Models’ 1:144 scale HS.748 / Andover CC.2/T.2 with Hawkeye Models low-vis RAAF decals.



This DC-3-sized aircraft can be held in my open hand - big enough to show off its attractive lines and small enough to take up very little space on the display shelf.

This is a genuine limited run model but the recessed panel lines look nice and fit is good despite the absence of locating tabs and pins.

Sprue attachments are fairly fine but some of the very small parts - and some of the parts are genuinely tiny - could be broken if they are not very carefully removed.



There are also a number of raised ejector pin circles on the inside of the wing halves that need to be cut off and sanded back prior to assembly.

The instructions suggest that 30 grams of nose weight is required. It doesn’t sound like much but it was a tight squeeze in the small-scale fuselage. I used small fishing sinkers, which in the end fitted fine. In fact, I think I could have gotten away with a little less weight.

The model was built straight from the box. During the course of assembly I broke and repaired a number of parts including the propeller assembly and the main undercarriage.



I was a bit worried that the heavy fuselage might put too much stress on the undercarriage, but it is holding up well so far.

Filler was required for two of the engine nacelle wing joins and one side of the fin where it joins the fuselage.  A smear of filler was also used on the upper and lower fuselage centrelines.



I sprayed the model with Tamiya Fine Grey Primer. RAAF HS.748s are finished in Light Gull Grey, but I liked the look of the primer so much that I decided to use it as the camouflage colour.  I simply sprayed over the primer with a couple of coats of Future Floor Polish and applied the decals.

Decals are Hawkeye Models Item No. AAF-025 - RAAF HS.748 Low Visibility Scheme. Last year I actually forwarded my Mark I HS.748 review sample to Peter Mahoney from Hawkeye Models so he could resize the decals to fit this newer release.



These are limited run, laser printed decals and they performed perfectly. The carrier film is very thin though, so be careful not to allow the decals to fold back upon themselves. I found they worked best if I left a slightly bigger than normal border of carrier film. The film disappeared completely after application.

I’ll be writing this one up in detail for Model Airplane International magazine, Issue 189.

Thanks to Mark I Models for the sample.

Model, Images and Text Copyright © 2021 by Brett Green
Page Created 3 February, 2021
Last Updated 3 February, 2021

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