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Tiger Moth Wing Struts, Undercarriage and Wheels

Aerocraft Models, 1/32 scale

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Aerocraft Models

Brass Tiger Moth Wing Strut Set - £18.00


Brass Tiger Moth Undercarriage Set - £12.00


Tiger Moth Smooth Cap 3D Printed Wheels - £4.00

plus shipping available online from Aerocraft Models' website



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First Look.


Perfect casting; excellent detail; easy cleanup and assembly; metal legs and struts will offer more secure mounting than the kit parts;easy to adjust.




These are easy and useful upgrades for your new ICM 1/32 scale Tiger Moth.

Reviewed by Brett Green



Aerocraft Models has released a number of new upgrades for the new ICM 1/32 scale Tiger Moth kit.


Brass Wing Strut Set

Aerocraft has released a lost wax cast brass set of wing struts for the ICM 1/32 scale Tiger Moth.

Interplane and cabane struts are included.

The "N" shaped cabane struts are cast as one piece each. The interplane struts are cast individually. The pitot tube is cast onto one of the struts.



Casting quality is perfect and they appear to be ready to install with no cleanup required at all.

When Spencer Pollard built his lovely ICM 1/32 scale Tiger Moth recently, he commented that the kit's struts were moulded to scale size, resulting in a delicate connection to the wing. Spencer was concerned that the plastic parts might not hold. There was also an alignment issue when it came time to add the top wing to the struts. He thought the tension in the wing might lead to it popping right off!

Aerocraft's set of brass wing struts should eliminate both these problems, offering a more robust fit and the flexible brass permitting adjustment as the upper wing is attached.


Brass Undercarriage Set

Aerocraft has released a set of brass undercarriage legs too. This comprises three parts - two for the main undercarriage and a replacement tail skid.



These are also perfectly cast and ready to use.

As with the struts, these will be robust and will allow adjustment even after installation.


Tiger Moth Smooth Cap 3D Printed Wheels

Finally, Aerocraft Models has released a set of 3D printed replacement smooth cap resin wheels.

These are a simply drop-fit replacement for the kit's plastic wheels.

The replacement wheels from Aerocraft are cast in one piece each with no centreline cleanup required. They will simply be fitted to the kit's plastic hubs.



The raised Dunlop lettering and tyre data on the sidewalls are crisply rendered.

There are some faint striations - tiny ridges resulting from the printing process - visible on the wheel hub under magnification and strong lighting, but I think these will disappear under coat of paint and when viewed 1:1 in natural light.

The tyres do not seem to be flattened, leaving the choice to you. A few seconds with a sanding stick will deliver the effect if you want it.

Aerocraft also offers spoked Tiger Moth wheels in their range.

These are all easy and useful upgrades for your 1/32 scale ICM Tiger Moth kit.

Thanks to Aerocraft Models for the sample.

Review Text and Images Copyright 2021 by Aerocraft Models
Page Created 26 April, 2021
Last updated 26 April, 2021

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