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Furball Aero Design
April 2022 Decal Preview

1/48 scale



Furball Aero Design has sent information about their newest releases, available now from their website:

Hello modeling enthusiasts around the globe! We are back again to announce latest round of new releases from Furball Aero-Design. For this round we have 3 brand new sets in 1/48 scale and one reprint. As always, our decals are printed to the highest quality standards by Cartograf. 

Here’s what we have for this round:

48-011 “Bravo MiG Killers Part One Redux” is a reprint of our best-selling set of all time! This set features options for 14 F-4B Phantoms in 1/48 scale. 11 of these options are for MiG Killers from the Vietnam War. This set has been tweaked a bit from previous releases so as to work best with new Tamiya kit. Here are the Phantoms covered:

  • VF-161, F-4B 151500, NL-216, USS Constellation, 1966, MiG-17 Kill

  • VF-143, F-4B 150406, NK-311, USS Constellation, 1967, MiG-21 Kill

  • VF-96, F-4B 153036, NG-602, USS Enterprise, 1968, MiG-21 Kill

  • VF-161, F-4B 153020, NF-100, USS Midway, 1972, MiG-17 Killx2

  • VF-161, F-4B 153068, NF-110, USS Midway, 1972, MiG-19 Kill

  • VF-161, F-4B 153915, NF-105, USS Midway, 1972, MiG-19 Kill

  • VF-161, F-4B 153045, NF-102, USS Midway, 1972, MiG-17 Kill

  • VF-51, F-4B 150456, NL-100, USS Coral Sea, 1972, MiG-17 Kill

  • VF-51, F-4B 151398, NL-110, USS Coral Sea, 1972, MiG-17 Kill

  • VF-51, F-4B 149457, NL-113, USS Coral Sea, 1972, MiG-17 Kill

  • VF-51, F-4B 149473, NL-114, USS Coral Sea, 1972, MiG-17 Kill

  • VF-114, F-4B 158430, NH-406, USS Kitty Hawk, 1964

  • VF-143, F-4B 152252, NK-303, USS Constellation, 1968

  • VF-51, F-4B 150456, NL-100, USS Coral Sea, 1973

Two complete models can be built with the stencils and data provided.

Next up we have “Air Wing All-Stars Super Hornets Part IV” (48-081). This set covers (10) F/A-18E/F Super Hornet CAG and special-schemed jets. This set is optimized to work best with the new Meng kit however it should be easily adaptable to any 1/48 Super Hornet kit. Here are the Super Bugs covered:

  • VFA-11, F/A-18F 166626, AB-111, USS Truman, 2017 (90th Anniversary Scheme)

  • VFC-12 F/A-18E 165783, AF-12, NAS Oceana, 2021 (SU-57 Adversary Scheme)

  • VFA-25 F/A-18E 166959, AG-400, USS Bush, 2020 (Green-Tailed CAG Scheme)

  • VFA-32 F/A-18F 168468, AC-100, USS Eisenhower, 2021 (Yellow-Tailed CAG Scheme)

  • VFA-34 F/A-18E 169641, AB-300, USS Truman, 2022 (Blue Tailed CAG Scheme)

  • VFA-37 F/A-18E 165787, AJ-100, USS Ford, 2021 

  • VFA-97 F/A-18E 165906, AJ-300, NAS Lemore, 2020 (Adversary Scheme)

  • VFA-83 F/A-18E 166650, AC-200, USS Eisenhower, 2022 (Blue Tailed CAG Scheme)

  • VFA-103 F/A-18F 166797, AG-200, USS Bush, 2021 (CAG jet with Skull and Bones Pirate Flag on the Tail)

  • VFA-211 F/A-18F 166663, AB-222, USS Truman, 2020 (Lo-Viz Vietnam War Commemorative MiG Killer Special Scheme)

This set includes enough stencil and data to build 2 complete models. 

Next we have (48-080), “F/A-18E/F/G Super Hornet Stencils and Data”. This set covers all of the stencil and data markings applied to the Super Hornet and Growler. In addition to the markings applied to the airframe, ejection seat, pylon markings, and pod markings are included as well. Bureau numbers are included to reproduce any Super Hornet or Growler. Aircraft carrier names are also included. Enough decals are provided to complete 2 models. 

Lastly, we continue our collaboration with our friends from Detail & Scale. “Colors and Markings of F-105s Part I” (F/D&S-4826) has 15 options for F-105D/F/G’s in 1/48 scale. All of these jets have the nose art and markings that they carried while serving in the Vietnam War. Here’s a rundown of the aircraft that are covered in this set:

  • F-105D 60-5375, 33rd TFS, “OLD CROW”, TAKLHI RTAB, 1970

  • F-105D 59-1743, 34TH TFS, “ARKANSAS TRAVELER, KORAT RTAB, 1968


  • F-105D 59-1822, 44TH TFS, “POLISH GLIDER”, TAKHLI RTAB, 1970

  • F-105D 59-1743, 354TH TFS, “LEAD ZEPPELIN”, TAKHLI RTAB, 1969


  • F-105D 62-4387, 354TH TFS, “THE GRIM REAPER”, TAKHLI RTAB, 1970

  • F-105D 60-0504, 357TH TFS, “MEMPHIS BELLE”, TAKHLI RTAB, 1969

  • F-105D 59-1731, 357TH TFS, “THE FRITO BANDITO”, TAKHLI RTAB, 1970

  • F-105D 61-0055, 469TH TFS, “THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM”, KORAT RTAB, 1967

  • F-105G 63-8291, 17TH WWS, “MUTTLEY THE FLYING DOG”, KORAT RTAB, 1973

  • F-105G 63-8266, 17TH WWS, “WHITE LIGHTNING”, KORAT RTAB, 1973

  • F-105G 62-4428, 561ST TFS, “RED BALL”, KORAT RTAB, 1972


Enough stencil and data decals are included to build 2 complete models. 

That’s all for now. Thanks for your continued support and patronage!

All of our products are available in the Furball Online store at: furballaero-design.com as well as the eBay Furball store.

-The Furball Team

Text and Images Copyright 2021 by Furrball Aero Design
Page Created 30 June, 2021
Last updated 26 April, 2022

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