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Revell's 1/72 scale
Focke-Wulf Fw 200 A Condor

by Tadeu Pinto Mendes

Focke-Wulf Fw 200 A Condor


In the mid-1930s Focke-Wulf planned to launch a commercial with advanced lines for medium and long lines. The DC-3 had already been launched and caused a sensation in aeronautical circles. This gave the German factory more incentive to invest in this new project. It would then be four-engined, low-wing and with retractable landing gear.



When launched in 1937, it aroused the interest of several airlines around the world for being very aerodynamic and with several advances. It then carried 26 passengers and 4 crew members and could make intercontinental flights in complete comfort. It was the most advanced commercial plane of its time, comfortable, fast and expensive at the time.



Among the airlines that placed an order was the multinational Syndicato Condor, which was a subsidiary of Lufthansa. There were 2 examples that were the PP-CBI and CBJ, used between 1939 and 47. These examples were the first four-engine commercials to be used in Brazil and America! A few years later this company became the Brazilian Cruzeiro do Sul.



The Condor became most famous when it was modified to attack ships during the war, with notable success.


First released in the early 1990s, Revell's 1/72 scale Fw 200 A was boxed in the markings of Syndicato Condor with the option of being made by the British BOAC. Other boxes were also released, one from Lufthansa and another from the Luftwaffe.



This is a very simple model, with few details that deserved to have been made in its passenger interior and boarding door with the option to leave it open. It also needed to putty on several parts.


I chose to do the Brazilian Syndicato Condor, which had an identical Lufthansa livery at the time.



It was all natural aluminum with parts in black on the prow, cowlings, nacelles and part of the windows. A livery reminiscent of the Ju 52/3m.

Model and Text Copyright © 2022 by Tadeu Pinto Mendes
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Last Updated 13 April, 2023

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