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Regia Aeronautica
Pilot Relax Set

HDModels, 1/32 scale

S u m m a r y
Catalogue Number, Description, Scale & Price

HDModels Item No. HD32003 - Regia Aeronautica Pilot Relax Set. 25,50 €

plus shipping available online from ASK's web store and retailers online and worldwide

Contents and Media:

3d printed grey resin.

Review Type: FirstLook
Advantages: Excellent detail; perfect printing; appropriate accessories for an aircraft vignette or diorama; suitable for Regia Aeronautica or other subjects.
Disadvantages: None noted.

These accessories will add a sense of scale, context and individuality to your aircraft or pilot scene.

Reviewed by Brett Green



HDModels has recently expanded into 1/32 scale accessories for Regia Aeronautica (WWII Italian) subjects.

Tonight I am examining their Regia Aeronautica Pilot Relax Set.



Included in this set is a bicycle, a deck chair, a table-top radio and a bonus parachute pack.

These will all be suitable for a WWII airfield scene where a pilot is awaiting the scramble alarm.



You could add these to a scene with an airctaft and/or figures.

Although the set is specifically labelled Regia Aeronautica, there is no reason you could not use the deck chair and bicycle for other nationalities too.

The deck chair is made up from five 3d printed resin parts.



The bicycle is made up from eight 3d resin parts.



The front fork and wheel may be posed straight ahead or offset. The seat may also be adjusted to whatever height you prefer.



The radio features detail front and rear. It is supplied in a single part.



There will be very little cleanup required once the jumble of attachment points are cut off. Take care when removing the attachment points from the beautifully delicate parts.





These accessories will add a sense of scale, context and individuality to your aircraft or pilot scen.

Thanks to HDModels for the samples

Text and Images Copyright 2023 by Brett Green
Page Created 25 August, 2023
Last updated 25 August, 2023

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