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Gnome-Rhone 14N/K

S.B.S. Model, 1/72 scale

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S.B.S. Model Item No. SBS72074 - Gnome-Rhone 14N/K


16.00 € plus shipping available online from S.B.S. Model



Contents & Media

53 parts in grey resin; clear resin canopy (three parts); two white metal undercarriage legs; 33 photo-etched parts on two frets; small clear acetate sheet; die-cut self-adhesive masking sheet; decals; instructions.

Review Type:

First Look.


Well printed, no obvious blemishes, easily cleaned and a great advantage over most kit parts.


No colour notes or list of users.


This is a a pair of very useful replicas that will enhance any of the available kits of French, Italian and other aircraft, especially the older kits from Heller and Italeri. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Graham Carter



Gnome-Rhône developed the earlier single-row 7K into a two-row version that became the 14K Mistral Major. The first test examples were running in 1929.

As the Jupiter had set the pattern for one-row radials in the 1920s, the Mistral Major became a canonical design for twin-row radials of the 1930s. It was widely licensed and formed the basis for many successful designs. Among the licensees were manufacturers in Romania, Hungary, the UK, the USSR, Czechoslovakia, and Italy.

However the 14K's reliability was poor, so Gnome-Rhône carried out a major redesign, using different materials for the pistons and valves, and enlarging the cooling fins to increase surface area by 39%.The new 14N was introduced in 1937 and was quickly installed on several aircraft models. In 1939, minor improvements allowed Gnome-Rhône to increase power.  A vast number of aircraft were fitted with this engine such as the Amiots 143, 351 and 354, Bloch MBs 150, 151, 152, 200, 210, LeO 451 and many, many more. Several Italian aircraft were also fitted , such as the Breda 65 and 88, the Cant Z1007 , Heinkel 70, and Savoia-Marchetti SM79.

Information from Wikipedia.





SBS have begun a series of 3D printed engines and this is the first I have had a chance to look at. The Gnome-Rhone 14N/K has been available in both 1/72 and 1/48 from a number of manufacturers, mainly as resin castings with PE embellishments since the kit-provided replicas tend to be basic at best.



These latest ones come as a pair enclosed in zip-lock bag in a small stout cardboard box with a CAD drawing on the front. Each ‘printing’ is mounted on a cobweb of columns and has three curved protective loops to prevent damage during transport. These all snap off very easily to reveal a fine little replica, although it only represents the rear row of cylinders as faces with valve guides in place. This is certainly sufficient for the vast number of uses, especially when buried inside a cowling. The super-detailer would probably opt for one of the more detailed resin kits instead of this one. Printings are really fine and the only improvement I can only imagine would be to get a brand-new pointy blade to cut out the web behind each valve guide.



No instructions are provided and the modeller will need to look up illustrations to get the colours - there are a large number of preserved ones in museums and a search of the Internet will reveal these. It would have been handy to know which aeroplanes these were fitted to.





All-in-all a very useful replica that will enhance any of the available kits of French, Italian and other aircraft, especially the older kits from Heller and Italeri. They just need a trim and a good wash. I can recommend these to anyone building kits of any of the dozens of aircraft fitted with these iconic engines.

Highly recommended.

Purchased by the reviewer from SBS Model

Review Text and Images Copyright 2023 by Graham Carter
Page Created 8 March, 2023
Last updated 8 March, 2023

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