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More DHC-6 Twin Otters

Iliad Design,1/72 scale


Catalogue Number and Description:

Iliad Design Item No. 72021 - More DHC-6 Twin Otters




USD$14.00 plus shipping available online from Iliad Design's website

Contents and Media:

One waterslide decal sheet for six subjects; full colour instructions.

Review Type:



Beautifully printed with great colour density and register, good clear instructions.


Kit is difficult to find.


There is a great variety of interesting schemes to apply to the Twin Otter should you have the kit. Recommended to anyone with such an interest.

Reviewed by Graham Carter



This Canadian company produces a large number of decals, colour charts and some books.



This sheet, obviously a follow-up to others, has been sent for review. It covers some really interesting and ‘different’ variants of the venerable Matchbox ‘Twotter’ kit which has been released by Revell after their purchase of the Matchbox moulds.



As with most Matchbox kits, it suffers from some over-simplification of details and especially a very deep A-pillar for the cockpit which requires serious modification, especially to the canopy, or you can use the excellent Aerocraft conversion (just google the name). As an amusing aside, don’t just search for ‘twin otters’ or you will be bombarded with loads of cute little otter images!



This decal sheet comes in the familiar clear sleeve with a back-to-back colour A4 instruction sheet, plus two B&W sheets with detailed information about door and aerial variations as well as application hints. The decals are glossy printed, have excellent colour density, perfect register and minimal carrier film. Six aircraft are provided for, two with the shorter nose and four, the longer. All bar one are wheeled versions.



The six choices are a diverse group , as follows:

  1. RCAF 13808 in United Nations Service in overall white with black strips behind the engines and the UN blue markings,

  2. 77-0465 ’98’ used by the USAF parachute team in overall olive wrap with black and white stripes around the rear fuselage and wings. This one requires a scratch-built clear door,

  3. an Ethiopian Army example  in 1976 in a light grey overall scheme with yellowish-sand patches on all surfaces,

  4. AN262, Panamanian naval air service in overall light grey,

  5. ‘941’ of the Chilean Air Force SAR unit in overall white with yellow outlined in black stripes on fuselage and wings and a blue rudder, and 

  6. OB-R-1158 of the Peruvian Air Force TANS unit as a floatplane in overall red with white fuselage top and silver floats.



Certainly an interesting variety of schemes and if you are interested in this aircraft and have a ready supply of kits then this sheet should give you lots of inspiration.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Iliad Design for the review sample.

Review Text Copyright © 2023 by Graham Carter
This Page Created on 24 April, 2023
Last updated 26 April, 2023

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